Find Villas for Sale in Dubai

In 2002, foreign buyers were offered the opportunity in Dubai to acquire fixed residences tax-free sale. From this offer to make more and more people in


Germany – preferably entrepreneurs – use, because the rents are very high, so that the purchase of an apartment, which in addition has the advantage that he does not like this country needs to be taxed, already successful purchase has paid off. However, there are limitations in the selection of venues, because for foreigners Dubai has special housing centers provided, which are presented to the interested parties under the name “Freehold Areas”. This is usually done on site on a piece of paper or by computer animation, because the homes are sold sometimes 15 years before construction begins. For example, in the area of the Green about 1800 homes were taught before the start of construction work within a very short time. This means that you have to act as a buyer quickly, if you want to ever enjoy such a residence. More info:

The Springs – another neighborhood that is reserved for foreign customers has to achieve a similar rush on the part of the buyer. Jumeirah Beach Residence is also a popular place, which is of foreign companies happy with branches in their countries of origin, reported as the main branch of their business. With a purchase of such housing project, one should consider the following: Only if the apartment is ready, you get the permission to apply for a resid

ence permit. Then you can find villas for sale dubai. This permit will be issued for a period of three years, the so-called Residence Visa . Interested parties, ie, the tax benefits would like to use for business are well advised when they are on a trip to the United Arab Emirates decide to be on site already completed residential projects to have show and only then the contract of sale complete to long waits for the implementation to avoid their business ventures. Of course, there are also plenty of offers of the local banks for financing.

Some of these banks offer such financing for approximately 90% of the land price in at a running time of up to 15 years. Also offers many sheikhs of the country are interesting for solvent private clients that are known as horse

experts also show great interest for foreign breeds and invest accordingly. For example, there are generous residential services related to horse racing and riding stables. The mildly descending apartment blocks are also available in Germany at affordable prices for well-heeled buyers who thus have the opportunity to expand their business and at the same time to enjoy the special atmosphere in connection with the exercise of their hobby within this fabulously beautiful city. Good brokers will do for their customers also beautiful townhouses, elegant villas or even exceptional residences for example those that are on the highest tower of the city, with corresponding prices located, so the move to one of the richest cities in the world nothing stands in the way.

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